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What To Expect During A Session

In essence, what the session process is and tips for ease of flow through it. There are some guidelines that I have curated over my 20+ years experience that will allow you to move through the session easily and receive the most efficient outcomes. 

  • Arrive to the session with the prep work completed.

  • Be present (not distracted); ready to listen & fully engage your mind to be focused on only what is coming through.

  • Validate only one piece of information at a time.

  • Do not have expectations (this entails keeping your mind focused on what is coming up not what you want to hear.)

  • If I need additional context, please provide clarification in the vein of what I am asking about. Please stay focused on what is brought up. Ex. If I say something about pancreatic cancer, don't correct me by saying they died of heart attack OR If I ask are you one of 3 children, you reply no, one of 5. In these examples, understand -I'm asking for clarification but do not want you to give me anything that hasn't been brought up. In the examples, the info coming through serves a purpose and we then have to explore and validate the information.

  • The information that is being channeled, often requires you to think far & wide but many times, people grab onto the easiest thing. Example, I may say, "What's with a snake?" Immediately, people think in very literal terms like an actual snake --but this is where your loved ones are inviting you to think in broader terms. Did anyone have a snake? Did anyone have a snake tattoo? Did anyone have an incident with a snake? Did a person call someone a snake? How does the snake apply in your circle?

  • Don't try to put all the pieces together, our mind tries to figure things out...but it is my role to put things together to illustrate the intent of your loved ones messages.

  • You may need to do some investigative work after the session with family, friends, co-workers, etc. for bits of information that couldn't be validated in session. This is by design.

  • I discourage direct questions because often the question itself reveals too much information.  In addition, your deceased loved ones give you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to know and their communication will reveal their intended purpose or message.

  • The only direct question I'm willing to entertain is needing more clarity surrounding a specific cause of death or the surrounding circumstances of a death.

  • Please refrain from divulging any information to me even after the session has ended. If you decide to book another session at a later date-whatever you are disclosing is something that could be brought through later. Remember, your deceased loved ones want to PROVE they know everything, so if you tell've taken away their opportunity to demonstrate it to you.

  • Be grateful of who and what came through; it serves a purpose in your life even if you don't understand it at that moment. 

  • Be sure to thank your deceased souls; it takes a tremendous amount of energy on their part to communicate in a session.

For additional info click each link below:

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"...The words that I remember 
From my childhood still are true
That there's none so blind
As those who will not see

And to those who lack the courage
And say it's dangerous to try
Well they just don't know
That love eternal will not be denied
I know you're out there somewhere..."

Lyrics from I Know You're Out There Somewhere

-The Moody Blues

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