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You may be wondering how to schedule with me - or you may have already made initial contact with me and I forwarded you a link to this page. Either way, outlined here are the next steps to getting you all set up for your session!

I prefer a more personal approach to scheduling as there are a few particulars that are easier and more efficient to cover in a shorter time on a brief phone call than texting/emailing (as a rule, I don't email/text scheduling information for that reason.) After all you're planning to meet with me to channel your deceased loved ones or pet, not get your tires rotated! ​     

Therefore, the very first step to finalizing your session appointment is emailing me your current availability (Sun through Sat and a window of time) include your first name & cell phone number for the quick call.  

The brief 5-10 minute call will include the following:

-Determine the session (or group) you are interested in (click here for full details: Sessions Offered 

-Answer any questions you may have about my services or address any concerns.

-Set up the actual appointment date/time for your individual in-person or phone session.

-Discuss next steps for hosting a group (if applicable.)

-Payment details.

And that's it! Once everything is confirmed...all that's left is for you to attend the scheduled appointment for a fulfilling, exciting session to hear from your deceased loved ones or pet. 

Age 9 - psychic then too!

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