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Your Deceased Loved Ones Are Closer Than You Think 

Renowned NJ Psychic Medium

An Evidential Psychic Medium 

with over 20 years of experience educating humanity about genuine, authentic soul communication. There is nothing to fear and everything to learn.

I'm Barbara - Get To Know Me

Happy you found me! Let me tell you a bit about myself...

​Born & raised in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, NY, I initially experienced spirit at the age of 5; it was my dad who passed away when I was 16 months old. Thereafter, I experienced prophetic & vivid dreams, but it wasn't until my mom's death in August 2001 when I was able to fully embrace my mediumship and psychic abilities.

My "aha moment" occurred when I had my first vivid world event dream of September 11th. Additional world event dreams that followed were: Hurricane Katrina, Southeast Asian Tsunami & Hurricane Sandy.

As a self-proclaimed skeptic, I chose to have my abilities tested & certified in 2005.  Too often I've encountered individuals who have expressed dissatisfaction with vague or generalized communication in sessions with other psychics or mediums who claimed they were authentic.

As a 20+ year professional psychic medium, my unique process is considered evidential; which means my interpreted information is validated by the client and proven to be accurate. Correlating details and facts that connect to the deceased or living prove the information is specific and authentic to the individual.

I have been asked to assist local law enforcement agencies and families to aid in investigations for missing persons and homicides.


Me & my beloved dog, Taboo

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Me & my dad - November 1963


Horseback riding - age 12

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